Our Winery

The Robert –Allait Champagne comes from a family tradition of wine grower long of four generations

The family exploitation is located in the heart of the Marne Vallée in a place called Villers-sous-Châtillon.

The Robert-Allait champagne owns a vineyard of 32 acres located only on the hills south and spread over 6 towns.

Our Wines

Our wine is made on site from beginning to end

Right after the harvest comes the pressure of the grapes. This marks the beginning of a new season.

It includes stocking the juice and letting it ferment in a tank, assembling the juice, putting it in a bottle, mixing it, …

All those major steps will produce wines of different qualities which nuances come from the way the variety of grapes were assembles and how long the wine was aged for.

Of course this knowledge and tradition mainly come from our ancestors.

Where Our Winery Comes From

We come from the Allait-Charlier-Marle family and the Robert family. Those two families have been settled in the Champagne Country for nearly two centuries. It is exactly in the 18th century that the "peaceful" wines started being replaced with the upcoming popular Champagne and its sparkle. It was welcomed with enthusiasm and singing. The passion was born.

As the inspired and visionary man Raymond Allait was, he immediately understood that hills well exposed in the Marne Vallée were the key for the success of growing a vineyard. The year 1890 saw the birth of our winery.

Raised in the countryside, his strong temper was born from hard work in the land and the vineyard. He managed to pass on his true passion and you can still feel it in today’s generation

His son André Allait succeeded to him in the 1900s and created the brand Champagne Allait. In 1910 another wine owner named Albert Marle installed his first a grape press which could contain up to 8 800 lbs.

His successor was Gervais-Marle.

In 1960, Claude, André Allait’s son married Jacqueline, Gervais Marle’s daughter and gave birth to the brand ALLAIT-MARLE.

In 1981, their daughter named Sylvie Allait married Régis Robert. From their union typical from Champagne came the brand you are all familiar with, the Champagne ROBERT-ALLAIT .

Sylvie and Robert carry on their parents’ legacy by taking care of the vineyard following the family spirit and traditions. In addition, some updates were made such as expending the cellar, adding a grape press or updating the labels… All this was done in order to meet their clients’ expectations.

In 2006, their team expends with the addition of their daughter Stéphanie and her partner Aurélien. After graduating in wine making and fine wine and liquor sales, Stephanie joined her mother Sylvie in the office. Her daily duties are marketing support and welcome our guests at “Le Clos Arty” and representing the winery in trade shows.

In 2010, the family celebrated the wedding of Stéphanie with Aurélien. They now work as a family with Sylvie and Régis Robert. You can meet them all at their winery or at the trade shows they attend.
Their goal remains the same: Keep the winery Robert-Allait mobbing forward following the family spirit and traditions.

Meeting their client expectation is the best of their success!


A Family Winery

The must of the family tradition, the Robert Allait winery is full of charm and elegancy while remaining discrete.

As a family estate above all else, the Robert Allait winery is full of charm and elegancy while remaining discrete.

Respectful of the legacy left by the previous generation, we bring back the feeling of a true Champagne as it should be made by passionate and perfectionist professionals.

From the careful care given to the vineyard, to the long and slow work in the cellar, our winery masters all the operational steps. Each vintage comes from the work of a team, which shares the same philosophy based on love for wine and respect of family tradition.

It would be our greatest pleasure to welcome you in our testing room next time you pass by Villers-sous-Châtillon.